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As I sit here and pour over the written words of so many before us, it is quite apparent that Darin is a very well respected, knowledgeable, and a dedicated agent. Darin exemplifies these qualities and so much more. Through a pandemic and surge in housing prices we found ourselves in uncharted territory. We battled a range of emotions through this process of both buying and selling a house. Darin was with us each step of the way and offered his expertise and honesty, which we greatly appreciated and respected. He listened, and offered reassurance whenever we were doubting ourselves. Darin is honest, hard working, and was always available to advise us throughout the entire process. He is well deserving of a five star rating.

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Mai-Anh Weir, Rockville MD

You will not find a more professional, knowledgeable and personable Real Estate agent than Darin Rich. He assisted me with the purchase of my first house, stressful as it was. I am not writing to recognize him for the excellent service he provided during the purchase of our home, but after. Being first time homeowners waking up to a basement full of black water was the last thing I expected. I remember Darin telling me (after settlement) that if anything comes up with which you have questions to call him. When I saw the mess in my basement I immediately called Darin and explained what happened. Darin explained to me what to do, and provided recommendations on who to call. After dealing with 3 different companies and given 3 different explanations I called Darin once again and expressed my frustration. Darin himself took it upon himself to contact the companies to assist me with getting answers. I don't even know how many phone calls on my behalf Darin made, however i know he spent a significant part of his day assisting me, and this was almost 8 MONTHS after purchasing my home. After the situation was resolved, Darin once again reiterated to call him if he could assist me with anything and trust me, I WILL!

Read More... Mattie Sophie, Damascus MD
Mattie Sophie, Damascus MD

Darin Rich is, in my opinion, one in a million. He’s everything you want in an agent: someone who is judiciously looking out for your best interests, is completely open and honest, always willing to offer insight and guidance based on his experience. But what really sets him apart is the degree to which he cares, the degree to which he invests himself in the process. The degree to which he makes your concerns his. It becomes really obvious very quickly that he cares about this monumental step in your life every bit as much as you do. Always there, always responsive, always five steps ahead and assuring you everything is taken care of. Always willing to jump in and help, always willing to spend as much time as is necessary to make sure you’re comfortable. I have always believed that to do any job well, you have to CARE about it, on a personal level; it has to matter to you. And there is no doubt in my mind Darin obviously loves what he does. Where other agents will make you feel like you’re just a name on a long list of active clients, Darin’s actions and attention make you feel like you are his ONLY client. My wife recently said to me that some people find a real estate agent that they trust implicitly, that they work with their entire lives…and that Darin is one of those agents. I couldn’t agree more.

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Joe Natoli, Clarksburg MD

I don't typically review businesses/services, actually this is my first one, however it is the least I could do for my real estate agent Darin Rich. Mr. Rich made the process of homeownership easier than I could have ever imagined. Darin was always willing to answer any questions (which there were many), and was extremely knowledgeable in the location in which I was looking to purchase a home (which alleviated a lot of my concern regarding nearby schools). Additionally if Darin didn't immediately take my calls he always followed up in a timely manner. Choosing a reputable agent was (for me) the most important part of my homebuying experience, and I was able to work with one of the best!

Read More... Charles Graf, Damascus MD
Charles Graf, Damascus MD

My wife and I recently sold our house in Maryland. After interviewing many real estate agents, we met with Darin and immediately knew he was different. This was our first experience selling a house so naturally, we were anxious and confused. Darin was patient when explaining the process and confident in his ability to get us through. From day one, Darin kept us informed and at ease. He gave us the complete financial picture, down to the $20-$100 level, upfront so we wouldn’t be surprised with expenditures later on. We were expecting to wait a few months to show, sell and settle our home. Darin shattered that expectation, selling our house within 6 days of listing. Darin confidently negotiated on our behalf and smoothly handled EVERYTHING, all the way to closing. I can not imagine having an easier time selling a house and there is no way that could have happened without Darin. There is no doubt in my mind that we found the best agent that Maryland has to offer!

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Ben Bone, Hyattsville, MD

After living in our starter home for 7 years my wife and I decided that we wanted to upgrade to a larger home with room for our growing family + relatives. When we searched for a realtor to work with we came across reviews for Darin and saw he had a wealth of 5-star reviews that suggested he was responsive, knowledgeable, and committed to his clients. We quickly reached out to secure his services and having Darin on our side paid off in a huge way. Our starter home was an older home and we recognized that, in order to sell, we would at least want to patch up the walls and paint some rooms. Darin worked closely with us to find a contractor who could quickly spruce the place up and then worked with his stager to show our home in the best possible light. Throughout the process of preparing our home for sale, Darin was incredibly responsive and knowledgeable, answering all of our questions as first-time sellers and ensuring we were set up for success. He hired a professional photographer who took stunning photos showing our home in the best possible light and when we went live with our listing I knew our home was going to be a hit. Our home quickly became a ‘hot home’ on Redfin and Zillow and within just a few days we had multiple offers to consider, providing peace of mind as we had a move-in date of early August for our new home. Darin then worked closely with us through the nerve-wracking contingency period, ensuring we were reassured about inspections, appraisal, and communication with the buyer’s and their agent. In addition to helping us sell our home, Darin also helped us find our new home and was instrumental in helping to secure an excellent inspector and negotiated to allow us to move our items into the garage of the new home ahead of closing so that we could finalize the sale of our old home without having to put our stuff in storage. Darin was indispensable throughout the process. As the final icing on the cake, Darin has experience working in lending as well, so he is extremely knowledgeable about the process of securing a loan and ensuring that the buyers of our home were qualified and that there wouldn’t be any financing issues on their end. We were confident in their ability to purchase our home because Darin was confident that they wouldn’t have issues. Overall, working with Darin was a great pleasure and I recommend him highly. He is a wonderful realtor!

Read More... Geoff Calver, Barnesville MD
Geoff Calver, Barnesville MD

Selling a house during the pandemic was interesting, masks, gloves, etc. Darin was a great partner to help navigate through these challenges. He was responsive, engaged, and thoughtful throughout the process. He ensured the house showed as well as possible. We moved to Florida before the sale and relied on Darin to help keep an eye on the house. It made the process seamless for us. Thanks Darin!

Read More... Chris Ma, Bethesda MD
Chris Ma, Bethesda MD

I cannot speak highly enough about my experience with Darin Rich. As a first-time home buyer, I had almost no knowledge about finding and purchasing a home. Darin was extremely responsive and proactive in communication throughout the entire process. We went to multiple homes and submitted contracts for a total of 3. Darin methodically went through contracts making sure I understood every detail. We went and looked at the home I would eventually purchase 3 times. Darin was happy to set up the showings of the same home multiple times in order to give us as much time as we needed. We went twice in one day to the same home! On the third try and I was able to get the home I purchased. I was ecstatic to find out that the seller accepted my contract (there were 5 other offers on the home). Once the seller accepted my contract Darin walked me through every step of closing. Darin took the time to ensure that I was comfortable and understood the entire home inspection. His knowledge of general home construction and improvement gave me an informed perspective when going through the inspection. Darin negotiated with the selling agent for repairs. Up to settlement, Darin was proactive in making sure I was getting everything done on time. For every question I asked, Darin had a story about a similar situation that answered my questions and informed my decisions. I highly recommend Darin to anyone buying or selling a home and will use him if I end up selling or buying again. I ended up finding my dream home and would not have been able to without Darin.

Read More... Nick Schwarzenberg, Monrovia MD
Nick Schwarzenberg, Monrovia MD

We were thrilled to have Darin Rich as our Realtor when selling our home. He responded very quickly to every text and phone call, gave us great advice, and got us a solid offer in just a few weeks. He works VERY hard for his clients and best of all, gets results beyond your expectations. Trust me, you will be doing yourself a huge favor by selecting Darin as your Realtor!!!

Read More... Christine Bradley-Logan, Laurel MD
Christine Bradley-Logan, Laurel MD

Working with Darin was a wonderful experience. It was my husband and mine first time selling a house and he patiently and thoroughly walked us through each step. We were on a tight timeline and Darin was able to list our house, take photos, schedule showings, and bring us offers in less than a week! We sold our house for full asking price, and Darin’s past experience as a loan officer ensured we knew we were accepting a solid offer. Darin was also went the extra mile to connect us with a realtor in our new town and always makes himself available to give his opinion and/or answer questions. He is truly a kind, intelligent, and honest man, and we cannot recommend him highly enough!

Read More... Keila Rone, Germantown, MD
Keila Rone, Germantown, MD

Always a professional. Answered all my questions with patience. Available when needed. Kept me in the loop on the progress of the sale. Stayed in constant contact with me through texts and emails. Established timelines and dates so there was no guesswork to the process. Never left me guessing or wondering what the next step was. 

Read More... Gerald Fraynert, Montgomery Village MD
Gerald Fraynert, Montgomery Village MD

Yes, I am Darin's brother but my review comes without bias and full confidence. It had been over 20 years since my last purchase and I knew much had changed and the proper guidance was going to be a necessity. However, my first question to Darin was why does anyone even need an agent anymore. Between all of the real estate websites and open houses it would seem that it's all at our fingertips. I quickly learned why having a savvy agent was critical to a successful outcome. It begins fundamentally with education and communication. As accessible as information is on the internet nothing compares to the experience of a well seasoned agent that has history in the market. Zillow just can't give you that. Darin was able to educate us on the nuances of the market and before long we found the perfect house that met all of our needs. Before writing a contract he explained what our obligations were as well as the monetary things we, as buyers, should not be hesitant to ask for. Without Darin's knowledge of the sellers needs and concessions he believed would be appropriate to ask for our purchase may have been unattainable. Darin was able to submit a contract that not only worked for us financially but also worked for the sellers. It all happened so fast and efficiently that I continually waited for the other shoe to drop. Throughout the process Darin explained in detail every aspect of the contract and, most importantly, why he drafted it the way he did. Now of course, being his brother, I entrusted him with a lot more of the decisions than most probably would, but in the end it was the smartest thing I could have done and the results were favorable to all parties. My loan was challenging primarily because I picked the wrong broker. It took an excessive amount of time which caused a lot of anxiety for everyone involved. Darin's job was made more complex because he had to answer to the sellers agent as to why the loan was taking so long. It was a balancing act of keeping the sellers confident that we would come through and convincing them not to terminate the contract. All total Darin was able to garner 8 contract extensions over the course of four months. That is next to impossible for any agent in a market as active as it was. It was handled with grace, intelligence and extraordinary communication skill. Additionally, he worked closely with the loan officer to facilitate the loan which, as I understand it, isn't typically in the scope of the agents responsibilities. He advocated for me whenever possible and relentlessly pursued the broker for answers when they became unresponsive. He managed the situation as I never could of and, believe me, that's not an easy thing for a brother to admit. We are now two weeks into our new home and I can say without hesitation that the best thing that ever could have happened was retaining Darin to represent us. 

Read More... Brian Rich, Baltimore MD
Brian Rich, Baltimore MD

Darin Rich is an amazing 5-star realtor who has made our house search very comfortable and pleasant. He was very knowledgeable about the Montgomery County area and the properties within the community that we were interested in. If you are looking for an agent who is honest, intelligent, dedicated and can deliver...then this is the agent that you are looking for!

Read More... Jacqueline Oliver, Clarksburg MD
Jacqueline Oliver, Clarksburg MD

I have sold two properties with Darin and both experiences were excellent! Darin went above and beyond to coordinate with renters, with contractors for updates and repairs, and with the title company to ensure the closing process is smooth. Darin would even send me reminders of little things that I needed to do, which I really appreciated. With all the things to think about while selling a house, Darin was always on top of all the tasks, could answer any question I had no matter how detailed, and he was extremely easy to work with. Thanks, Darin!

Read More... Margaret Stanbaugh, Rockville MD
Margaret Stanbaugh, Rockville MD

Darin Rich is an incredible man and real estate agent. He cares so much about his clients and does everything he can to make sure they come out on top. He knows the answers to your questions before you even know you had the questions. He's incredibly smart with an infectious laugh. Darin has more integrity than any realtor I've met over the years. I fought to sell the old family house for years, years that Darin kept in touch, not pushing or even mentioning selling, but as a human being that truly cared about what was going on in our lives. It would be more than redundant to reiterate what everyone already has said in their reviews. I'm getting ready to sell another house and there's not even a thought that anyone other than Darin Rich will be our listing agent. He's just the best. 

Read More... Katherine Danish, Urbana MD
Katherine Danish, Urbana MD

Darin’s work ethic can be summed up in 3 words – dependable, diligent and dedicated. Darin worked very hard to help my husband and me find our first home. He cared about us finding the best place that fit what we desired most. We could not ask for a harder working, considerate, and honest realtor who also became our friend. Darin does not disappoint!

Read More... De Pedican, Germantown MD
De Pedican, Germantown MD

Darin helped find a house for my son and his family. They were able to find the right house at the right price and location of where they work. So, I can't say enough about the way he treated them. My husband and I are thrilled. 

Read More... Yvette Flax, Chevy Chase MD
Yvette Flax, Chevy Chase MD

No matter how or when you contact Darin Rich, he is always there to help you. No matter what happens in the process of conducting real estate transitions, he always exhibits professionalism. He has the knowledge and professional skills to deal with all kinds of real estate issues. He will never give up but work hard for you until the goal is accomplished. I Have no reservation to recommend this excellent realtor. 

Read More... Daniel Nie, Germantown MD
Daniel Nie, Germantown MD

Darin was extremely helpful through the entire home buying process: from the initial showing, going through the offer and contract details, working with the seller and contractors to remedy issues, being there during all inspections, advising on all the info I would need for lenders, title company, insurance, etc. He was always one step ahead. He always thought of things proactively instead of reactively. He made me feel extremely confident as a first time home buyer. He was very communicative and available whenever I needed, and he knew the answers to 99% of my questions. If you are buying a home this is the guy you want in your corner. I couldn’t have done it without him. 

Read More... Eric VanWagner, Rockville MD
Eric VanWagner, Rockville MD

Darin is a rock star agent! He assisted me through my first home-buyer experience with prompt advice and professionalism. We connected immediately and began to discuss what I was looking for in my dream home. Being a first-time home buyer there were many variables that I would have never considered except that Darin would explain to me why certain elements of being a home-owner would be beneficial down the road. He also educated me in the importance of the care and maintenance of my house, for example, keeping my gutters clean - I have a forest surrounding my house! Once I found my dream home, Darin thoroughly explained to me the contract process and what to expect moving forward. After the contract submittal time period ended, Darin kept me informed and up-to-date of the conversations that go on behind the scenes. He developed a good relationship with the seller's agent which ultimately was a significant contributing factor to why I was chosen to purchase the home. Being a first time home buyer I thought it would be intimidating to have taken on this new and daunting experience alone, Darin was by my side providing me guidance and direction through the entire process. I highly recommend working with Darin - I am so grateful for him (he also has a rather funny sense of humor too).

Read More... Beth Mickelinc, Gaithersburg MD
Beth Mickelinc, Gaithersburg MD

Darin got me an offer for over asking price in less than a week on-market, which we accepted and successfully closed upon. He's very communicative - answered all my questions quickly, on and off business hours (text friendly). He has a great network of service providers if you need staging/cleaning/repairs/etc. He's honest and straight forward. When looking at houses to buy, he's quick to point out issues and concerns, whereas other realtors may ignore or down-play problems to make a quick commission. I truly feel like he's on "my team."  

Read More... Mat S, Germantown MD
Mat S, Germantown MD

My family moved around quite a bit so we’ve had lots of experience working with realtors to buy and sell homes, and I have to say that, of all the ones we’ve worked with and met at the hundreds of open houses we had attended, that we really lucked out with Darin. He is a truly caring person, and is a great communicator. He listens well to what we have to say, and is very tactful/diplomatic in telling us what we must know, but might not want to hear. That is to say he is a very good negotiator. He is also a highly ethical person – he did not suggest we use certain tactics to buy our house that we had heard of from others and that we felt were "iffy". I highly recommend Darin, whether you are selling or buying, and would be a return customer when it comes time for our next move.

Read More... Maria Quinto, Silver Spring MD
Maria Quinto, Silver Spring MD

Darin is the type of guy who calls you after the sale just to say hello. My wife and I met Darin years ago and when it was time to sell our house we interviewed him. He was nice and very down to earth so we hired him. He told us what to do to get our house ready for sale and together we agreed on a  price. 6 days later the house had a very strong offer on it $2000 above the asking price. Then our search for our new house began. Halfway through we had a falling out with our banker and Darin really stepped up. In days we had a new banker and were told what to do to fix the problem. Now very behind with only 5 weeks to closing on our house, Darin showed us the house we wanted. He never showed us houses we could not afford and was very mindful of the things we needed. the house was exactly what we asked for. Now the offer, he showed us ways to write the contract to ensure we would get it. He also worked out things with our new owners so we would not have to live in a hotel and everything worked out. I am very grateful to Darin for all his work on getting us this house. I have already recommended him to several people.

Read More... Don Stackhouse, Mount Airy MD
Don Stackhouse, Mount Airy MD

Darin was everything a seller could ask for in a real estate agent. He provided wise advice, and did so in such a way that he made me want to follow that advice (yes, it is possible that someone on earth might know something I don't know). He kept me informed of events in the process, and he managed it over the phone, over two time zones, without waking me up even once. He managed my meltdowns with grace and kindness, understanding that I was selling a house that had been in the family over 60 years. If you need strength, wisdom and caring in your real estate agent, please contact Darin Rich immediately. 

Read More... Margaret B, Aspen Hill MD
Margaret B, Aspen Hill MD

Darin helped us sell our home and look for/purchase a new home. He was involved in the whole process of helping us to make our current home ready to sell with his expertise of the current buyers' needs. He was able to negotiate with buyers' agents to get us the best possible deal. We had a wonderful experience both selling and buying our homes. Darin knows what to look for in terms of contractors, lenders, and inspectors to help make a sound purchase for our family. Darin is personable with other agents and buyers. We cannot recommend him enough to all our family and friends. If you want a professional, knowledgeable, and friendly agent, Darin is your agent! 

Read More... Julie McInerney, Olney MD
Julie McInerney, Olney MD

Darin is an amazing real estate agent! He is extremely hardworking and puts his client's needs above any commission or fees. When looking at homes, Darin selected homes that were in the area and price range that I was looking at, rather than waste time going for a "big sale." If I needed any additional information from another agent or specifics on a property, Darin was able to get it to me very quickly and had great insight on the local market and what to look for within a home. During the negotiation and closing process, it was Darin's expertise that enabled us to get the number we were looking for and was there every step of the way. I felt like Darin was representing our needs as buyers, and not his agency or even the seller's needs (which has happened to me on a few occasions.) Darin is an exceptional realtor on all levels! 

Read More... Curtis Finnegan, North Potomac MD
Curtis Finnegan, North Potomac MD

Meeting Darin Rich was one of the greatest things that had happened in my journey, buying my first house. Darin is a very professional, very detail-oriented, experienced, and mindful realtor. He used his experience/ knowledge and exerted 100% effort making this process less stressful and more enjoyable. Any time he observed a potential problem he quickly communicated it to me with transparency. He always provided viable alternatives to deal with whatever problem came across. Darin always had time to listen and answer questions/concerns, time to come and show properties which I greatly appreciated. I always felt strongly supported by him. When it comes to negotiations, he was on my side all the way. He is a great human being and I was so lucky to have him as my agent. I strongly recommended him as your realtor, you won’t regret it!

Read More... Ruth Rivera, Gaithersburg MD
Ruth Rivera, Gaithersburg MD

Darin was great! When we were looking he got us into places right away and helped us make the right offer. We were buying a house on a short sale and he really worked for us to get it done in a timely fashion. He was there at each step and made sure everything was perfect. When we buy or sell again we will definitely go with Darin!

Read More... Michelle Schaffer, Frederick MD
Michelle Schaffer, Frederick MD

Darin is fantastic to work with. He is extremely accommodating, knowledgeable, and patient. I was a first-time home buyer and Darin was very thorough with his explanations of the process and eliminated all fears of my first home purchase. He will approach every step with a smile and always makes you the first priority. He has your back all the way until you have that dream house’s key in your hand. Simple put…he is the best, I talk about him all the time and recommend him to everyone in the market!! You definitely will have a top-notch experience!!

Read More... Liz Tinker, Frederick MD
Liz Tinker, Frederick MD

Very positive! The sale of my dad's house was done long distance, and Darin did a super job, up to and including coming over to clean the house after the people who were hired to clean did a poor job. My dad had used him for the sale of a rental unit a few years earlier. Darin offered great advice and had a lot of contacts for getting the needed work done. Darin was persuasive in getting me to spend $50,000 in a remodel of the house. Had I not done the remodel, the house might have sold for $250,000. Instead, with the remodel, it sold for $345,000. Pretty good return on the money. I don't have any more property for him to sell for me, but if I did, Darin would be the guy. Very pleased with him.

Read More... Bill Belew, Germantown MD
Bill Belew, Germantown MD

Darin has helped our family to both buy a home and sell a home. I interviewed 4 Real Estate Professionals. Darin was by far the most responsive to all requests for information and opinions. He gave us very practical information about what repairs to make when to put the house on the market and how much our asking price should be. We had many interested buyers look at the house and we sold it for more than the asking price. I highly recommend Darin as a Real Estate Professional. I would recommend him to anyone interested in buying or selling a home.

Read More... Nancy Beigel, Silver Spring MD
Nancy Beigel, Silver Spring MD

It has been a true pleasure to work with Darin Rich. He has been as knowledgeable and helpful as anyone I have ever known. Most of our communication has been by telephone, email, or text as I live in a different city from the house that was being sold. It is hard for me to believe that Darin and I have seen each other face to face only once. I recommend Darin Rich very highly.

Read More... Ingrid Brown, Bethesda MD
Ingrid Brown, Bethesda MD

In this line of emotional and very personal business, you need someone who will time and time again be there representing you your family, and your new investment. Darin doubles up with all of that and makes sure you get your dream house and passes on lots of knowledge when purchasing your 1st or in our case 2nd home. Darin also knows a large number of hand-selected professionals to work on your financial side and others like home inspectors, etc. the process couldn't be more family-oriented yet very precise when handling your biggest purchase! Thanks, Darin! ~Paris & Grace

Read More... Paris Tato, Frederick MD
Paris Tato, Frederick MD

Despite living on the other side of the country, Darin worked with me seamlessly to sell my townhouse. When it didn't sell during an abbreviated period in the quieter fall season, Darin was so committed to customer service that he even took on managing my property as a rental until the busier spring season. Lo and behold, after placing the house on the market in the spring, we got a fair offer within two days. Darin's honesty when I needed to hear it and ability to listen to my concerns made this transaction a pleasure.

Read More... Richard Ellenson, Derwood MD
Richard Ellenson, Derwood MD

We've known Darin Rich for about 4 years and have found him to be of the utmost character, knowledge, and professionalism. He has a wonderful sense of humor and is a gentleman of the highest degree. He's very knowledgeable regarding all types of technology and the internet. He's just a wonderful guy in every way. I would not hesitate to recommend him as a realtor for a moment as he has made our experience in buying and selling properties a pleasurable experience. 

Read More... Barry Hagen, Montgomery Village MD
Barry Hagen, Montgomery Village MD

I had the best experience with Darin selling my house. He gave me great recommendations about the pricing and what I need to do to get the best price for the house. He has sold my house in 2 weeks at the asking price. Darin has a very effective marketing system. He works very hard for his clients and keeps clients informed about the potential buyers and the market place in your area. You will be very pleased if you hire him! 

Read More... Tatiana Alperovitch, Gaithersburg MD
Tatiana Alperovitch, Gaithersburg MD

Darin was great!! He was very professional and responsive during the whole process. He didn't put any pressure on me to purchase a property. It was about finding the right house for me. After finding the right property Darin was able to negotiate closing costs and seller help for fixes noted in the inspection. Every time we visited the property he would point out the important details and explain everything he was looking or checking for. He has a wealth of knowledge and that's helpful to a first time townhome buyer like myself. He made the process very smooth and comfortable. I will definitely use again.

Read More... Nicole Brizan, Gaithersburg MD
Nicole Brizan, Gaithersburg MD

Darin is extremely professional, personable, and responsive. I have very much enjoyed working with him and look forward to doing so in the future as well.

Read More... Alice Carpenter, Poolesville MD
Alice Carpenter, Poolesville MD

Mr. Rich is a consummate professional in all aspects of the real estate business. His attention to detail, the timely follow-up to resolve issues and forward-thinking to anticipate potential problems are impressive. Our sale went smoothly and he was able to negotiate a very good deal for us. I would highly recommend Mr. Rich to anyone wishing to sell their home.

Read More... Andrew Armes, Westminster MD
Andrew Armes, Westminster MD

Darin goes above and beyond to help out before, during, and after the sale. He is very knowledgeable on real estate issues and gives honest and valuable opinions on housing and neighborhoods. He listens to what you want as a buyer and really goes the extra mile to help you find a house that you can call home. Very lucky to have found him and definitely recommend him to anyone needing an agent to work with whether buying or selling. Darin is honest and hard-working and really cares about his clients. We had a problem a few years after the purchase of our home with the extra lot included in the sale. The listing/selling agent said it wasn't her problem and would not help but Darin as the buying agent went above and beyond and helped us settle the issue quickly. Because of this we are deeply indebted to him and will gladly use his services again should the need arise. 

Read More... Michaelene V., Mount Airy MD
Michaelene V., Mount Airy MD

Working with Darin to sell our property while being across country was wonderful. He was very professional, hard working and always accessible (even with the time zone difference). Darin always had our best interest in mind and made sure that the process went easily and smoothly. He was our eyes and ears throughout the process and we couldn't have asked for anyone better. 

Read More... Bnafsha Saberi, Olney MD
Bnafsha Saberi, Olney MD

Darin was fabulous!! Extremely knowledgeable and professional!! He was very responsive through email, text, phone calls! He walked me through the whole selling process step by step always offering sage advice! He is very approachable and will answer any and every question - if he doesn't know the answer he will find it quickly and follow up immediately! He continually gave me updates and fought for me when needed. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Darin Rich!! 

Read More... Diane Regalbuto, Baltimore MD
Diane Regalbuto, Baltimore MD

Darin was always on time all the times that we had an appointment to look the houses, very professional and polite. He was always very flexible to work according my schedule. He negotiated for me a good deal with the seller and was able to understand my needs for a home. I recommend him to everyone, it was a really good experience, he knows about the homes, the market and he always take care of you as a client to give you the best deal.

Read More... Marcela Zambrana, Germantown MD
Marcela Zambrana, Germantown MD

Darin Rich not only knows his business, he cares about the people he represents. From the first meeting through the closing, he is very much involved in all the details of the process. He gave us accurate advice every step of the way, accommodating our wishes and guiding us toward a successful transaction.

Read More... Maura R, Gaithersburg MD
Maura R, Gaithersburg MD

Darin helped us find a realtor he trusted in the area we were looking for since he didn't cover the area we had in mind. Even though he wasn't our realtor, he made sure to check in during our process to make sure all was going well and if I had any questions. It was nice to not be forgotten.

Read More... Kasandra Mullaney, Hagerstown MD
Kasandra Mullaney, Hagerstown MD

Darin provided guidance to us throughout the selling process and was always available to take our calls. I would highly recommend him! When our buyer was having some financing issues, Darin helped us understand and helped facilitate getting the issues resolved quickly.

Read More... Jonathan Caldwell, Westminster MD
Jonathan Caldwell, Westminster MD

If you read Darin's overview, he describes himself as passionate, dedicated, genuine, and honest. Throughout the process of selling our home, we found Darin to be all of those things and more. He was very patient and took the time to ensure we understood every detail and that we were fully educated on all aspects of the process. Darin communicates regularly and is responsive when contacted. He makes you feel as though you’re his only client and that all of his time and attention is focused on your needs. Selling a home and moving can be stressful. We found the sale of our home to be the easiest part of our move, thanks to Darin’s efforts and dedication. Don’t look any further. Call Darin now if you have a need!

Read More... Jason Cypriano, Clarksburg MD
Jason Cypriano, Clarksburg MD

Darin Rich is a realtor who is dedicated to building relationships with his clients. He provided timely and expert knowledge when we were ready to sell our home and downsize after 21 years and he guided us gently and firmly through each step of the real estate process. Darin is extremely dedicated to his work and, most importantly, he always made us feel like his most important client. He used all the resources available to the market and sell our house and, as a result, we sold it in 48 hours!

Read More... MaryBeth D, Gaithersburg MD
MaryBeth D, Gaithersburg MD

Darin was the most incredible realtor to work with as my husband and I purchased a home. He went above and beyond throughout the entire process, from beginning to end, and always had a smile on his face! Darin is very knowledgeable, resourceful, and does everything in his power to meet your needs as a client. Darin was quick to respond to the many questions we had and took care of any problem that came up with ease and positive energy. He pays attention to what his clients want and finds the perfect home to accommodate them. Darin’s strengths include his perseverance, enthusiasm, guidance, professionalism, and ability to advocate for his clients. His support, encouragement, and kindness and are unforgettable and we are thankful that he made our home buying experience so pleasant. He even got us a unique, personalized gift at closing. Look no further for a realtor – Darin is the best there is!

Read More... Erica Rau, Gaithersburg MD
Erica Rau, Gaithersburg MD

We just sold our townhouse in record time, thanks to the good advice that Darin provided. I would recommend working with him to anyone who asked. His understanding of the current market conditions was very beneficial.

Read More... Nancy Barrett, Gaithersburg MD
Nancy Barrett, Gaithersburg MD

Darin did an outstanding job selling my two properties. He was professional, responsive, an excellent negotiator and very ethical and honest which I appreciate. Although I live in CA and had never met him in person I trusted him with a complex financial and estate matter. He was patient and generous with his time. He also did a great job keeping me abreast through the process. He took into account my best interest. I would highly recommend him to anyone. 

Read More... Tracy Quill, Laurel MD
Tracy Quill, Laurel MD

Darin went out of his way to help make this sale happen. We were out of state sellers and Darin did a lot of ground work for us because we were not able to do any of the local things to get the condo ready for sale. Drain contacted contractors etc. and monitored them to be sure the last details were complete.

Read More... Al Rodgers, Germantown MD
Al Rodgers, Germantown MD

Darin is great! My wife and I are first time homebuyers and we worked with Darin for a little over a year. He was very attentive, friendly, and helpful through the whole process. He was great at explaining the nuances of each house and helped us make informed decisions when it came time to make an offer. Over the past year Darin has become a friend whose opinion I value and trust. For anyone that's reading reviews like I was last year, go with Darin. Trust me, you won't be disappointed! 

Read More... Javier Castro, Kensington MD
Javier Castro, Kensington MD

We entered the seller market with some concerns and with little knowledge of the process. All of our concerns were put to rest as Darin took a great deal of time explaining the process in detail, answering questions and completing some steps for us. Darin followed the sale from beginning to end with great attention to detail and always taking care to keep us informed and up to date. Because of Darin the sell of our home went without problems and was a positive experience. If you want the security of selling your property, knowing it is being handled by a caring, expert real estate professional I would highly recommend that you contact Darin Rich.

Read More... Capt Mike, Montgomery Village MD
Capt Mike, Montgomery Village MD

Darin helped my mother sell her home. She had been in her home for 30 years. He guided her through the process without any problems. He is honest, knowledgeable and will not promise you what he won't be able to deliver. Darin was also very helpful with all of our questions throughout the move. Given his experiences, he also has many resources to assist in whatever may come up through the entire process. I would highly recommend Darin Rich to anyone who is looking for an excellent realtor. He will work for you! 

Read More... Annik Adamson, Germantown MD
Annik Adamson, Germantown MD

I could not say more positive things about Darin! He was the most phenomenal real estate we have worked with and exactly what you would look for in an agent! This was our 3rd home purchase and 1st 2 sales, but our first time having to find an agent on our own (previously had family recommendations). From our first contact, Darin was personable, professional, knowledgeable. He managed a complex process and need (having to sell two houses while simultaneously buying a 3rd). Darin is incredibly straightforward and honest - he never gave us false hope, he set realistic expectations, and he gave us direct feedback, which was spot on! Our house sold very quickly after multiple offers! After the contract, Darin was amazing in guiding us through the process all the way to closing on both the selling and buying side. He was always available to take our calls or texts, helped navigate challenges in a calm way, and was overall just a nice guy to talk with and work with. Thanks Darin! 

Read More... The Landolls, Gaithersburg MD
The Landolls, Gaithersburg MD

I can't say enough good things about my experience with Darin Rich. I am a divorced mom who, after almost 6 years living outside of Maryland, decided to sell the MD house. I would not have been able to handle this, either logistically or emotionally when things didn't go as hoped, BUT for Darin Rich's involvement. So four quick points about my experience with Darin. First and foremost, Darin is a professional. He knows his business, his markets, and has a wealth of experience in this field. Second, he truly has his client's best interest in mind. You never get the sense that his primary interest is his own financial interest, or to minimize his inconvenience or work burden. Third point. He has a strong work ethic. I can't say enough about how much I appreciated that trait. He was knowledgeable, responsive, and paid great attention to detail. And, fourth, Darin has integrity. It's so rare nowadays to work with service providers that operate with a sense of integrity. But Darin truly cares about his clients and about the integrity of his work. I am eternally grateful for his representation and his service. I am in the service provider industry as well (not real estate), and I will strive to incorporate these traits that Darin displayed with me with my own clients. They should feel as reassured that I am representing their interest as I was with Darin representing mine. 

Read More... Nadine Jones, Silver Spring MD
Nadine Jones, Silver Spring MD

Darin went above and beyond in helping us with the short sale of our property. He is extremely dedicated and keeps his word. You will not be disappointed.

Read More... Sheila Tynes, Gaithersburg MD
Sheila Tynes, Gaithersburg MD

Darin did a fantastic job working with me first to prepare the house for market (it had been used as a rental for several years and needed a fair bit of preparation) and then to get it sold. Darin was immediately on top of every little detail and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!

Read More... Eric Tavela, Damascus MD
Eric Tavela, Damascus MD

Darin has been incredible to work with. As first time homebuyers we had so many questions and he was there to guide us every step of the way. Equally as personable as professional, Darin made the home buying experience smooth and househunting very enjoyable. We will recommend Darin to everyone we know. He is truly the best!

Read More... Emily Hennemann, Damascus MD
Emily Hennemann, Damascus MD

Darin was a pleasure to work with. We interviewed several agents before choosing one and his thorough explanation of the process, along with his pleasant and honest demeanor, were some of the reasons we chose him to sell our property. Selling a home can be extremely stressful and Darin eliminated that factor from the process. He communicated with us daily, providing vital feedback that was essential to the sale of our property. We highly recommend Darin for all your real estate needs.

Read More... Michele Kenno, Rockville MD
Michele Kenno, Rockville MD

Darin was great to work with and very helpful. Our house was selling outside his normal territory so he did his homework and helped us get a great price for our home. He is responsive, very knowledgeable about the process and he's a great negotiator. He's also very personable and made us feel comfortable every step of the way. I would definitely recommend Darin to sell your home.

Read More... Ed Hennemann, Ellicott City MD
Ed Hennemann, Ellicott City MD

I knew Mr. Rich was going to be my realtor from the first phone call. He returned my call promptly and was very courteous. I told him the situation and he met with me as soon as the property was vacant. Mr. Rich informed me as to what I needed to do to prepare the property to obtain the optimum sales price. I followed his instructions because his reasoning was very logical. His photographer took wonderful pictures that displayed the grounds and interior magnificently after it was ready. The property went on the market on a Friday, there was one contract by Saturday, and by that Tuesday there were five contracts. He negotiated superbly and a contract was ratified by Wednesday. Following his instructions sold my condo in less than a week. Most impressive is that my property was not by any means one that would net him a handsome commission, but you would have thought by his continued professionalism and concern that he was attempting to sell a million-dollar mansion!

Read More... Donna Waldron, Silver Spring MD
Donna Waldron, Silver Spring MD

Darin helped us purchase our first home. He is very professional and responsible. He knows the market very well and helps us get a good price on the house. He provides a lot of useful information upfront on the house based on his experience and knowledge. We appreciate that he is very patient during the entire process. He keeps our interest at all times. We would definitely recommend him if you are searching for a house to buy.

Read More... Ying Jia, Germantown MD
Ying Jia, Germantown MD

The absolute best realtor you'll find in the DC area. That's how I sum up Darin. He's an expert in his field, has an exceptional knowledge of the DC metro area and housing trends, and he gets things done. He can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of each place you are looking at purchasing, and he will keep things moving, ensuring your home buying process is smooth and efficient. Beyond being incredibly good at his job Darin is kind, personable, patient, and will be your advocate through the whole home buying process. Go with Darin as your realtor, without hesitation, he's truly the best!

Read More... John Bettridge, Derwood MD
John Bettridge, Derwood MD

Darin was a pleasure to work with. He helped us buy our first home. He was always very responsive, professional and got things done in a timely manner. He shows up on time and is always available. He was very patient with us and was never rushing us. He is also very knowledgeable about the market. Every home he showed us, he was able to point out the pros and cons in detail. He's a great negotiator as well. I would highly recommend him for anything real estate!

Read More... Tanya Tan, Silver Spring MD
Tanya Tan, Silver Spring MD

Darin was a pleasure to work with. His response time in getting back to us was really quick. Even though we oftentimes would give short notice about wanting to see houses, he was able to accommodate us very reasonably. We appreciated him sharing his knowledge on the different aspects of house buying and learned a lot in the process. He made sure that we understood each step of the way and was really helpful if we had any questions. If we are ever in the market for another house, we wouldn't hesitate to utilize his services again.

Read More... Malahat Afzal, Ashton MD
Malahat Afzal, Ashton MD

The house Darin listed and sold for us is an older property and as such lower in price than others in the area. This resulted in multiple contracts that through the course of the listing sometimes didn't pan out for some buyers. Darin always stays committed and upbeat until the next contract came along. And it always did. Darin stayed in touch with us, as the sellers, continually through the whole process. His expertise in the local market as well as his contacts with other agents, settlement companies, and property management companies made the process painless. If we, the sellers, lost optimism Darin would always be there accentuating the positive. As a result, the home sold for the price we were looking for. As a buyer and seller of multiple homes through the years, I must say Darin is the best agent I ever had the pleasure to work with.

Read More... Jim Loizos, Clarksburg MD
Jim Loizos, Clarksburg MD

We talked with several real estate agents before interviewing Darin, and even before the interview was over, we both knew that we wanted him to be our agent. He patiently explained all the legal ramifications of the selling process and advised us on everything that our house needed to prepare it for the sale. He was always available to answer questions and would not hesitate to return to our house for further inspection and suggestions. During the entire process, his behavior was extremely professional but he made us feel like he was an old friend giving us advice. We are very pleased to recommend him to anyone considering selling a property.

Read More... Margarita Escatell, Silver Spring MD
Margarita Escatell, Silver Spring MD

When a close relative passed away recently, I found myself in a situation that was very difficult both emotionally and logistically. I live out of state and the challenge of selling a modest house that had not been updated for some time from hundreds of miles away was overwhelming. I knew no realtors in Maryland, and I was certain that any decent realtor I could happen upon would not treat this listing as a priority. An internet search brought up Darin’s name along with many others. His online reviews were excellent and based only on those and a bit of instinct he was the first person I called. I could not have possibly made a better choice. After speaking with him on the phone I knew immediately that I didn’t need to call anyone else. Darin patiently walked me through the process and I never felt as if my listing wasn’t his very highest priority. He was constantly in contact with me, kept me updated on every detail, and --most importantly -- he took care of everything so that I did not have to travel away from my family to attend to preparing the house for sale or for settlement. (He even saved me almost $1500 by negotiating (over several days) the cost of a home clean-out service – something above and beyond what I would have expected from any realtor.) I trusted Darin with a lot of decisions -- whether to put money into renovations before listing the property, deciding on the listing price, timing the market and so on -- and his instincts were spot-on every single time. Once we put the property on the market, at the time he recommended and for the price he recommended, he held fast and expertly negotiated through a number of initial low-ball offers until he had a cash offer for the full listing price with no contingencies. In the end, the property settled in under three weeks for around $20,000 more than I would have listed it for had I not followed Darin’s advice. Darin is well worth his commission, and then some. My only regret in working with Darin is that I expect any realtor I work with in the future in my own state will pale in comparison. He has spoiled me for realtors. If you are fortunate enough to be buying or selling in Maryland, you need to look no further.

Read More... Matthew Lewis, Germantown MD
Matthew Lewis, Germantown MD

As a first-time home buyer, it was important that we worked with an agent that explained the market, loan process, and all the details that go along with purchasing a home. Darin Rich was phenomenal to work with. He was accessible and clearly explained everything to us. He went out of his way to put us in touch with a loan officer and home inspector that were up to his caliber. He stuck with us until the end and continuously reached out to us as our closing date approached to let us know things were moving along and to see if we needed anything. I can not say enough great things about Darin, and he receives my highest recommendation.

Read More... Connie McElrath, Rockville MD
Connie McElrath, Rockville MD

Darin is definitely the best in the business! As a first time home buyer, I really felt the amount of genuine care and authenticity that Darin has for his job. He was professional, informative, and very knowledgeable about the homebuying process every step of the way! Darin has a very pleasant demeanor! We laughed and had a wonderful experience searching for our first home with Darin! I would definitely recommend his services to anyone seeking a realtor!

Read More... Markia Ware, Baltimore MD
Markia Ware, Baltimore MD

Working with Darin was beyond a great experience. He walked me through each and every step of the selling process. Darin went way above anything I could have expected. I would highly recommend Darin to anyone I knew looking to sell or buy a home.

Read More... Maggie Hines, Damascus MD
Maggie Hines, Damascus MD
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