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Getting Prepared

To sell your home for the price you hope for, you, the seller must be well prepared. Selling your home can be an emotional roller coaster, or it can be a joyful ride. There are many things that influence your home sales. You can learn more about that in my blog, Getting Your Asking Price or Better. But to really open your home to a variety of potentially excellent buyers, it’s wise to get prepared. I will prepare with you.

How I Prepare

Truth be told, as an experienced agent, I’ve seen all kinds of sellers from the ones who keep every piece of memorabilia on their walls and shelves, to the ones who empty out their house completely and leave everything to the buyers’ imagination. I’ve also seen potential sellers who have lived in their home as a catch all as they run in and out and well, its neglected, there is a toilet that leaks, deep layers of clutter, curtains that need to be cleaned and so on. One of my first jobs in preparing to sell your home for you is to do a walk-through and show you simple things usually, that can be done inexpensively to add value to your home and to put it on the market in the best possible light. I’ll be honest with you about what needs to be removed from sight. Checking the pulse of current and past listings in your neighborhood, I’ll tell you what is a good asking price. I’ll check the market for other factors and give you my best advice.

How I Help You Prepare

Once I have given you a list of items that will increase the value of your listing, I can sit down with you and make a plan to help you accomplish those things. I will coach you along the way so you stay on track. I will be happy to offer my Resources to you, people I trust like contractors, painters, and inspectors to name a few who will set you up for success.

In this current sellers’ market, you may think you have the winning ticket, but selling your home is still a process, one I will guide you through. You may have to leave town before everything is complete. I specialize in helping sellers through to a signed contract and key handoffs. Things that may be needed are cleaning services, staging and outside repairs. I can help accomplish that for you so that you aren’t walking away with any questions in your mind about how things will go.

For more information on obtaining your best offer, check out my blog on the subject where I speak to some of the issues above in a more detailed manner. I can’t wait to meet you and get started helping you sell your home!

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