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Brian Rich, Baltimore MD

Yes, I am Darin’s brother but my review comes without bias and full confidence. It had been over 20 years since my last purchase and I knew much had changed and the proper guidance was going to be a necessity. However, my first question to Darin was why does anyone even need an agent anymore. Between all of the real estate websites and open houses it would seem that it’s all at our fingertips. I quickly learned why having a savvy agent was critical to a successful outcome. It begins fundamentally with education and communication. As accessible as information is on the internet nothing compares to the experience of a well seasoned agent that has history in the market. Zillow just can’t give you that. Darin was able to educate us on the nuances of the market and before long we found the perfect house that met all of our needs. Before writing a contract he explained what our obligations were as well as the monetary things we, as buyers, should not be hesitant to ask for. Without Darin’s knowledge of the sellers needs and concessions he believed would be appropriate to ask for our purchase may have been unattainable. Darin was able to submit a contract that not only worked for us financially but also worked for the sellers. It all happened so fast and efficiently that I continually waited for the other shoe to drop. Throughout the process Darin explained in detail every aspect of the contract and, most importantly, why he drafted it the way he did. Now of course, being his brother, I entrusted him with a lot more of the decisions than most probably would, but in the end it was the smartest thing I could have done and the results were favorable to all parties. My loan was challenging primarily because I picked the wrong broker. It took an excessive amount of time which caused a lot of anxiety for everyone involved. Darin’s job was made more complex because he had to answer to the sellers agent as to why the loan was taking so long. It was a balancing act of keeping the sellers confident that we would come through and convincing them not to terminate the contract. All total Darin was able to garner 8 contract extensions over the course of four months. That is next to impossible for any agent in a market as active as it was. It was handled with grace, intelligence and extraordinary communication skill. Additionally, he worked closely with the loan officer to facilitate the loan which, as I understand it, isn’t typically in the scope of the agents responsibilities. He advocated for me whenever possible and relentlessly pursued the broker for answers when they became unresponsive. He managed the situation as I never could of and, believe me, that’s not an easy thing for a brother to admit. We are now two weeks into our new home and I can say without hesitation that the best thing that ever could have happened was retaining Darin to represent us. 

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